Making Over a Garden

The plan was to make over a garden on our Fountain Valley High School campus outside of the English halls. With the conditions of the garden being just a patch of dirt surrounded by untamed plants and filthy, dirt covered rocks, we had quite some work to do. Firstly, we started out by meeting on […]

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The Icecream City

The great light comes on amongst the civilians of Maytag signaling the usual loss of one of their citizens. (Boringly) Vanilla says “the hand has returned.” Sherbert screams, “It’s happening again just like the last time the light shined above us! I always hear the hand say follow the light, but that doesn’t end well […]

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Big Cat

Everyone has a dream pet that they want to have some day, some are as basic as a domestic cat, or mouse, all the way up to lions and anacondas. I can proudly say that i have found a median. A mountain lion. Now, before you call me crazy and that it is illegal, let […]

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Have you ever noticed how stupid this generation is becoming, its a world filled with smart phones and dumb people. But on the contrary there are incredibly smart people, the main difference from now compared to 20 to 30 years ago is the gap between the smart hard working people, and the freeloaders. The smart […]

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Resolve disputes without loss

Recently i was watching a video where it was just showing a bunch of baby animals interacting with humans and other animals, and its absolutely adorable. It got me thinking , because isn’t that how god planned earth to be , no sin , just kindness and happiness. Then sin entered the world when eve […]

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The struggle is real

This last weekend we had our first competition of the 2015 indoor season. Things didn’t go quite as well as I would’ve hoped, starting from the fact that we were 3 weeks behind due to an incident with our past instructor. We have been doing our best to catch up with the rest of the […]

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The road so far

So I have had a lot of goals that I have wanted to hit by the end of the semester, but the biggest one was keeping myself well rested ,yet get everything that I needed to get done, done. I think that I hit that goal for the most part, I’m maintaining a 3.0 average […]

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not for the faint of heart

About 11 years ago i decided to go roller skating with my mom and brother at the roller ring next to boomers. This would prove to be a huge mistake. Everything was going really well, then my brother wanted me and my mom to catapult him. so we lined up on either side of him […]

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Golden Key

You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. How do you use it, and why? This was by the daily post If I had the golden key that could unlock any door, I would probably use it to open the door of happiness. I chose […]

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